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Historical Horror Fiction, BILLETTE HALL, Is now available!

The day is finally here. This little story that started as an idea for a screenplay 6 years ago, then revived when it was entered in a horror story contest on is now a reality and is available to everyone!



A unique horror story that takes place during US slavery.

A group of escaped slaves are on the run. Trying to reach their loved ones at the plantation named Billette Hall. Guided by a 15-year-old, pistol toting, savvy slave girl that knows the way. They evade slave catchers and bounty hunters.


There is an unknown killer hunting them. Who is this killer? Why is he or she hunting them? Will they make it to Billette Hall?

Billette Hall is available as ebook and paperback


Audiobook: HYPO: The Complete Story now available!

Ive been waiting a while for this to be finished but finally…ITS DONE!

Thats right, the Audiobook version of my first book, HYPO: The Complete Story, is done and is available for purchase on Audible and Itunes.

Listen to the adventure of Chauncy, Tre, and that wonder drug, HYPO, as they escape kidnappers, hunt down thieves and deal with all the side effects of the miracle drug that gives them super human strength and speed.

Narrated by JA Sterling (and he did a wonderful job I must say)

Get it now (links below)

Audible:  Click here

iTunes: Click here

BILLETTE HALL – Historical Fiction (slavery) Horror Story up for Preorder!

Billette hall is available for Pre-order now. Im very excited about this.

Right now, the ebook is at an introductory price of 99 cents. This price won’t last long so make sure you get it at this special price.

The book will also be available in paperback, and I have to tell you, the paperback is beautiful! Right now you can pre-order the paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In case you don’t know what Billette Hall is about. here is a brief introduction

An American Slavery Horror Story

Southern United States of America, 1858.

A slave auction goes wrong leaving a group of slaves, that were meant to be sold to Billette Hall, in the hands of a cruel slave master. That sale left slaves separated from their loved ones and family members. Marion’s life changes when Master Jesse of Billette Hall Plantation summons her into his quarters for an important task. She must sneak into the auction grounds and help the displaced slaves escape. Those slaves are to be brought safely to Billette Hall.

Armed with a Revolver and a single shot, Marion, the 15-year-old slave girl, must lead the displaced slaves on a 4-day trek through the wilderness to safety. The trek is harrowing and filled with danger as they are forced to avoid bounty hunters, slave catchers and their dogs.

Making matters worse, Marion and the rest of the escaped slaves soon discover that there are nightmares more frightening than the slavers. They are being hunted! A strange unknown man, covered in mud and wielding an axe, stalks them. Everyone who has crossed his path is dead. Marion and her tiny group of frightened men and women will suffer the same fate unless they can rise above their fear.


Billette Hall is the horrifyingly new American Slavery thriller by DL Jones

HYPO paperback proofs received

I received the proof for HYPO: The Complete Story today… I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. It looks pretty good. I’m excited for my November 1st release.

Oh… By the way, HYPO: The Complete Story is now up for pre-order and will be on sale November 1st.

It will be available on Amazon/Kindle in eBook and Paperback. It will also be on sale at Barnes and Noble in Paperback.

An Audiobook is being worked now… as we speak for a late November Release.

HYPO: The Complete Story is a standalone book that tells the complete story from all the other Hypo Releases. Its more of a Novella length story. Also included is the original HYPO screenplay I wrote 8 years ago that started this whole story.

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BILLETTE HALL – COMING SOON – Historical (slavery) thriller/horror

1858, A Slave auction goes wrong leaving a group of slaves displaced and traveling alone to Billette Hall. Led by a 15 yr old slave girl, they have to survive a 4 day trek in the woods, while unknowingly hunted by an axe wielding murderer.

Read the first un-edited chapter here

When I first started Billette Hall my thoughts were “why aren’t there any stories that take place during slavery times that isn’t actually about slavery?” Yea, it takes place in slavery time, and that is the backdrop but the story can just be a story that happens during that time and not directly related to slavery.

I started out to write a screenplay with that in mind. yea, it has slaves, yea it takes place during slavery but it’s a horror story on its own and the horror part is just horror… not slavery or slave related… other than the setting and using that time to help with the rules of the story, etc.

Well. I didn’t completely accomplish what I set out to do because the story is still being driven by the character being slaves dealing with being slaves and slavery times…but it is still a horror story and it gets part of the way there. I think in this case it makes it interesting.

HYPO: EXORDIUM coming soon!

Chauncy and Tre are childhood friends. Tre, who works for a pharmaceutical company, is in town on business. Chauncy hadn’t seen Tre since college and decides they should catch up. After picking Tre up from the airport, they are ambushed and kidnapped. Held hostage in an old abandoned house. With hopes of escape, Tre and Chauncy use an experimental drug from Tre’s company that gives them abilities.


This will be the first book in the Hypo Series. Hypo: Exordium.  It is a Serial Short and will be available on September 17th (estimated). There are 3 parts of an ongoing story.  They will be available in Ebook format through Amazon’s Kindle bookstore. I will release the second part within 2 weeks of the first, and the final part soon after!

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